Furniture and design services
Sale of furniture and household appliances from Italian and German manufacturers

Search for suppliers of goods, raw materials, products, at the request of the consumer;
direct transactions for the sale and purchase of goods on the territory of the European Union and the CIS countries;
further sending the goods to the recipient.
We provide services for the purchase and delivery of equipment for your home, office or any other object. HI-END appliances are high-class and high-quality equipment, including stereos, home theater, multi-room and the Smart Home system.
We provide services for the purchase and delivery of household appliances from German and other European manufacturers for your home, office or any other object. We will help you select and deliver everything you need to create a comfortable and functional environment in your home.
Together with partners, we offer services for the design, construction, decoration and arrangement of a house, apartment, office and other premises. Thanks to close cooperation with European manufacturers of furniture, home appliances and equipment, we will help you equip your home using the latest technologies and modern solutions.
delivery to the client's door and the provision of loader services.
delivery of goods to our warehouses in CIS countries, including customs clearance and payment of import duties with the assignment of a Customs declaration number;
opening or closing, if made by the sender, of the export declaration;
control of documents, quantity, safety of goods and packaging;
formation, assembly and registration of partial consignments when splitting shipments into several parts;
measurement of cargo and weighing on a laser meter in 3D format and provision of photographs indicating weight and volume;
We offer you the following services that include:
receipt of cargo from its owner and delivery to the consolidation-customs warehouse in Riga;
notifying the client about the shipping information received from the sender, agreeing on the type of transport, route, price and terms of transportation;

preliminary contact with the supplier – coordination of certain points of the shipping information required for the transportation (date of cargo readiness, specification of dimensions, type of packaging, weight and shipping documents);
Turnkey cargo transportation is very much appreciated, because it is much more convenient and profitable for the Client to work with one company, which will deal with all the issues that arise, than to distribute responsibility for their cargo to different companies.

Turnkey cargo delivery
We provide services for pasting with excise stamps and labels for the Baltic countries, CIS countries, as well as warehousing and consolidation, repacking, packaging of goods and delivery to small and large retail.

The company has a customs and excise warehouse with an area of ​​15 thousand square meters. Our warehouse has excise licenses for the storage and processing of all kinds of excise goods (beer, wine, all types of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, coffee). Warehouse maintenance includes acceptance of goods, quality and quantity control, registration of goods in a tax warehouse, warehousing of goods during exemption from excise taxes, calculation of excise taxes and payment of tax, accounting and storage of excise stamps.
Excise warehouse
New high-tech service: measurement and weighing of cargo on a laser meter APACHE in 3D format and provision of photographs with indication of weight and volume (m3).

The APACHE series system is designed to measure parameters of loads weighing up to 2000 kg. Measurement of the volume of goods is carried out using SICK AG equipment: laser scanners LMS200-30106 for goods up to 2 tons on pallets. For the weighing part of the systems, weight sensors integrated into the conveyor are used, cargo identification is provided by a hand-held wireless barcode reader, and measurement processes are automated using light barriers, optical sensors and encoders.

The processed information of measurements and a photo of the cargo is displayed on a large LCD screen and transmitted to the external interface by means of software.
3D cargo scanning
electronic system of accounting of goods;

work with gift wrapping;

accounting of goods by expiration date/sale.
Additional services
Formation of prefabricated vehicles from our warehouse in Riga to CIS countries (twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday);
delivery of goods to the regions of CIS countries;

customs clearance in the country of departure;
customs clearance in CIS countries.
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